Chapter/Site Coordinator Duties

Thank you for your interest in participating in the FAMU National Day of Service. The success of your local program will depend on many factors, but having a local volunteer who is willing to take on a leadership role is, perhaps, the most critical.

Below is a general overview of the tasks involved in managing the FAMU National Day of Service in your community.

Investigate possible service sites:

This should be done as soon as possible.  The deadline for securing a site should be at least a month before the Day of Service.  We suggest that you look at sites that accept a minimum of 5 volunteers to help create a sense of FAMU community among the participants.

Talk to members in your chapter and other FAMU alumni in your area to solicit ideas and information about local non-profits that might be good sites for a FAMU Day of Service activity.  Keep in mind that there is great interest in family-friendly sites, so be sure to ask about age restrictions and other limitations.

If you are considering more than one site for your area, think about including both outdoor environmental sites as well as sites where participants will work directly with others, such as tutoring or serving in a soup kitchen.

Please refer to the site selection guidelines for other information on locating and choosing a site.

Select a venue:

You may work with a committee or group of interested alumni as you plan the Day of Service. As you develop a list of potential venues, be sure to consider geography, the type of site, and capacity before making a selection. If you are considering multiple sites, we strongly suggest that you identify a FAMU alumni volunteer to serve as the coordinator or host for each site.

The chapter coordinator should ensure that each of the site coordinators are aware of the following responsibilities:

  • Fill out the service site registration form, which can be found at Register a Site
  • Work with service site staff regarding project details
  • Ask the site partner to develop a detailed scope of work, list of pertinent materials, and the hours of service desired.  Commitments can range in increments of 2 to 4 hours of volunteer work on the selected service day
  • Schedule an on-site walk through one to two weeks prior to the event
  • Secure a gathering spot at the venue for the volunteers for the day of service
  • Manage the signing and collecting of photo release forms for all registered volunteers
  • Manage the signing and collecting of indemnity forms (terms and conditions)
  • Create directional or location signage for volunteers on-site
  • Provide name tags for volunteers on-site during the day of service

 Coordinate with your National Alumni Association chapter president:

Work with local chapter leadership on getting the word out about the Day of Service. Most local chapters have mechanisms to assist in this effort.  

(If you do not have a functioning local chapter in your community, contact your Regional Vice President who can get an alumni list for your area to assist with the Day of Service outreach).

 Assist in recruiting volunteers for your site and other sites:

Similarly, you and your committee should also help in volunteer recruitment. Spread the word to your FAMU friends, send out personal emails and be creative! Encourage those you know to register for the FAMU Day of Service at

If your site is set up for a maximum number of volunteers and that number has been reached, your registration site will be turned off, and a message stating that the site is full will be posted.  There also will be a message about contacting you for access to any waiting lists that may be available.

If your sites fill up quickly, you may consider adding more! We can make late additions if capacities have been reached.

Send out confirmations to the registrants for your site(s):

The Office of Alumni Affairs and University Advancement will send weekly updates reflecting registration data for your site. Registrants should receive some form of confirmation from you.

We suggest a thank you message, confirmation of the site for which they registered, the address for the site, directions, parking information (if applicable), what to wear and/or bring, and on-site registration information.

Field Day of Service questions :

Since the name of the chapter coordinator for the FAMU Day of Service or the individual FAMU volunteer site coordinator will be listed on the FAMU Day of Service website as the contact for your site(s), registrants may be in touch with that person to ask specific questions or to clarify information.  If a registrant needs to change or cancel their registration, they should contact Carmen Cummings in Alumni Affairs at

Organize alumni and friends on project date (January 15, 16, 17 or 18):

Plan to arrive early at your site on the FAMU Day of Service and stay until the work is done.  Your site coordinator has already been in touch with the agency supervisor about your registration location and hopefully has secured an area for volunteers to check in, pick up name tags and FAMU Day of Services buttons.

Work with the site coordinator to post signage and have another FAMU volunteer greet participants and help direct them to the registration area. Provide instructions to participants on what to do.

We know that most local FAMU Day of Service programs do not have any funding, but be creative about partnerships with external organizations that may provide water or snacks for the volunteers.  Sometimes the hosting organization will make refreshments available.

Document your success:

Have someone take pictures and videotape the volunteer activities.  Photos can be used in many ways. You may share them with participants after the event, post them on the local chapter’s website and social media sites,  or use them to promote the FAMU Day of Service the following year.

Be sure to send the best photos and videos to Alumni Affairs and FAMU Communications offices. They may post them on their website or use them for promotional purposes.  Be sure to make sure your site coordinator gets everyone present to sign a photo release form.

Plan for inclement weather:

If your site location is outdoors, you must plan for inclement weather. Often the work goes forward unless it is pouring rain, and, in this case, your no-show rate is likely to be fairly high.

An alternative indoor activity such as stuffing envelopes for a mailing can be a backup. You may also want to plan for an alternative rain date.

Organize a celebration/social gathering:

After an exhilarating FAMU Day of Service, a social gathering is recommended to commend your volunteers for a job well done.  It is up to you to decide how/if this will work. We know that many alumni enjoy the opportunity to build on the friendships made during and this is a wonderful way to say thank you to the participants.