Test Service Bureau

FAMU Test Service Bureau (TSB) administers monitered testing in an environment offering test security, confidentiality and comfort to all examinees.  Although we are primarily a monitored computer-based facility, we also administer high-stakes paper-and-pencil based testing under those same conditions.

FAMU-TSB strives to meet the needs current students, prospective students, faculty and the surrounding community by providing a variety of testing services whether they are university-based exams, high-stakes exams, or other certifying and licensure examinations. FAMU Test Service Bureau is a member of the National College Testing Association (NCTA) and adheres to national guidelines in regards to the nature of all testing center based examinations.

FAMU-TSB supervises scanning and scoring operations for on or off campus tests and other instructor designed examinations, surveys, and faculty evaluations.

*Special Request & Accommodation for Weekend Testing

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We provide electronic monitoring, proctor and room supervision services during examinations. Examinees must adhere to the rules of the testing center or void services rendered in addition to applicable fees associated with their test administration. No refunds will be available upon VOIDING an exam (Act accordingly).

Examinees are only allowed to schedule testing appointments between 9:00 AM thru 3:00 PM, so that examinees may be monitored by a test administrator. You may not schedule an exam that will last longer than 5:00 PM as the office will close and no time extensions will be given.  If the total testing time extends closing or if the exam is untimed and testing continues until closing, then your exam will end at the close of business as is.

Setting an appointment for a Proctored Exam will entail the following process:

The examinee must select their desired exam 24 hours (1 day) prior to testing so that the appropriate Proctoring Service can be applied to their registration. A comformation email will be sent verifying your registration.

Examinees must provide a valid photo ID and proof of payment of  relevent testing fees, once they arrive at the testing center.

*If an appointment must be changed, the examinee must reply to the confirmation email. The Proctored Exam Appointment Process will be conducted entirely via internet and email. No appointments can be requested, changed, or confirmed by phone.

To reschedule testing appointments an examinee must email a request to cancel testing appointment form to famutesting@famu.edu prior to two (2) business days of their scheduled time to test.  Repeated cancellations may result in the examinee no longer being able to take proctored exams at the Testing Center and forfeiture of administrative fees.


Contact Info

1610 S. MLK BLVD

P: 850.599.3333
F: 850.599.8733

E: famutesting@famu.edu